We are delighted to announce that the Sunday Yoga4Tango classes will be moving to our new venue from this Sunday 6th April 2014. The new start time is at 4:30 pm and the classes will finish at 6pm.

Leandro shares our belief that Yoga will help our students achieve the necessary balance in their mind and body to achieve the right posture for Tango. Leandro has been a great supporter of us from the beginning and it is a previlege to be allowed to run our class in his school where they run more than 10 classes per week. You can find the full schedule of LPTA classes here. (http://www.leandropalou.com/classes/timetables)

To mark this occassion, the first class at LPTA this Sunday will be FREE for everyone including our current and past students. Please come along and enjoy a great class with good energy. You can ofcourse combine a bit of Tango with Yoga by attending the Technique and Intermediate Tango classes at LPTA that start at 2:30pm. The yoga class will start straight after the Tango classes finish.

Address for our new venue:

Fitness First Angel,
361-373 City Rd,

Look forward to seeing you in the class!