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About lengthening in Yoga and Tango

Written by Winston
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We need a stable base for most activities in life. Anything that is not built on a stable base including tango moves will not feel comfortable. Once the stable base is established, it is then important to focus on the length of the muscles. Even when we do a complex yoga pose with twists and bends, it is very important not to compress but keep lengthening the muscles and the same principles apply in Tango too. This is what we explored in last Sunday’s classes at LPTA. It is more straightforward to understand the concept of length and how to lengthen the muscles in a resting position without the effects of gravity pulling us down. It gets a little bit trickier when we have to explore a complex movement and make peace with gravity to be able to do the same in the midst of that movement.

We kick-started this process of exploration on Sunday. It is of-course Ganchos week at LPTA which meant we learnt the technique behind Ganchos, the variations possible and how to make the most of Ganchos by synchronising them with the strong beats in the music. Leandro and Maria will continue with the same theme throughout the week in the LPTA classes especially applying the concept of length to posture in Tango. Ganchos are fun moves and learning them with good technique will make them even better!

Winston Veerender

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