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Musicality & grounding in Tango and Yoga

Written by Winston
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The class on musicality began with us sitting around in a circle listening intently to the maestro breaking down the parts of a Tango song into Intro, Rhythmic parts, Adagios (the slow part of the music), the violin, variacion and final. Leandro explained how staying grounded helps when it comes to playing with the music, especially with the Adagios when everything slows down. To be able to express yourself at that slow pace needs good grounding so the upper body can stay soft. We were taught sequences for the rhythmic part of the music and the Adagio part and were then asked to switch between the two responding to the music. It was lot of fun!

My favourite part of the class was when we were asked to sit down, close our eyes and visualise how we would have wanted to dance to the various parts of the music. It is not easy to describe how well Leandro described the musicality part of Tango with his wealth of experience, you simply have to come and find out about it in one of the many classes running throught the week at LPTA.

In the Yoga4Tango class, we simply expanded our experimentation with staying grounded from simpler poses to more complex ones. We explored the foundation principles for the Warrior 2 pose at the beginning of the class and then experimented with it in a single leg balancing pose like Natarajasana, in twists and also in an inversion towards the end of the class. It was a fantastic Sunday afternoon and hope to have many more of these with interesting themes in the future.
Winston Veerender

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