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Tango & Breathing by Winston Veerender

Written by Winston
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Breathing is something we all do every minute of our life. It really makes lot of sense to invest some time to learn how to breathe effectively so that every minute of our lives can contribute to our well being.

In the Tango context, learning to breathe well in the correct context can enhance the dancing experience for yourself and your partner. There are also moments in our dancing when we push ourselves to do something complicated and we stop breathing altogether, this usually happens because of a mind body conflict – the scenario where the mind is visualising a beautiful sophisticated movement but unfortunately the physical body fails to follow through resulting in the conflict. At moments of conflict like these, we simply stop breathing. This can be avoided or the occurences reduced by creating a better mind body connection using the breath as a tool for the connection.

This is what we explored in the Tango and Yoga4Tango classes on Sunday. Ofcourse there were voleos, musicality, sequences and other technique lessons to be learnt in the Tango classes – Leandro and Maria will continue that theme throughout this week focussing on voleos and also providing valuable tips on breathing. In the Yoga4Tango class, we learnt a simple technique to deepen the breaths and how to use it as we flew through our dynamic sequences. As we practice this more and more, it will sink into our subconscious mind resulting in the life long wellbeing and avoidance of those mind body conflicts.

Come along and explore this unique experience of learning Tango and enhancing your own body awareness every Sunday at LPTA. Also, remember that throughout this week, the theme at LPTA is breathing and voleos adapted to the level of each class, see you in the classes!

Winston Veerender

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