The London Tango Scene just gets better and better. There are so many opportunities in London to enjoy Tango, discover new venues, attend tango events and meet and connect with great people.

How do you decide which events are right for you? 

Every one of these classes and milongas have their own unique identity and vibe. Try them out and decide for yourself  which ones suit you best. The classes are a great way to meet people before a milonga, and brush up on your dancing skills. There are classes, practicas and milongas throughout the week, so get your diary out and fill it with Tango events - become a Tango addict and dance every night of the week!

Get more out of your Tango experience

Yoga will lay down the foundations, and help you with the transformation of your body and mind, enabling you to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of your dancing. The more you dance and the more you practice Yoga, the more in tune with yourself, with other people, and with your surrounding you will become. It is a virtuous cycle. Enjoy Yoga, enjoy Tango and enjoy life.

Where to go

Here is a selection of Yoga4Tango's favourite Tango spots in London...

Tango Movement
There are classes/workshops conducted by Kim and David Benitez every day of the week. Find your level and keep on improving!

Maral & Mariano's Tango Garden
Classes/ Workshops and the best Saturday afternoon milonga in London by Maral and Mariano, with free nibbles, cake and hot beverages.

Leandro Palou Tango Academy
Classes/Workshops from Leandro and visiting teachers from Argentina

Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy

Iconic Friday night milonga in Central London. There are days when you could see close to half a dozen professional Tango couples dancing at the same time. This Milonga is spread over two floors, offering a great variety of traditional and modern music.

Tango at the Light
Another iconic Tuesday milonga, with a full bar. Enjoy occassional Saturday milongas at The Light too, including classes.

Tango Terra by Martin
One of the most quirky milongas in London - happens every Thursday night. Live music on most weeks, usually improvised!

Corrientes on Saturdays

Zero Hour milonga at the Dome on Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Tito's

There are other good Tango classes/ milongas in London too. Please let us know if you want to add a Tango class/milonga to this list by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..